Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation, again.

Gosh it feels like I have been on vacation all summer. Which is partly true considering I now no longer have a 'day job' and work as an illustrator full time. I still haven't really gotten used to it or made a scedule that works for me. It is wonderful to be able to have such an open scedule and work on the road as I am doing right now though. I am enjoying internet on the X2000 train in my super comfy 1st class seat on my way to gorgeous southern Sweden. I shall be visiting my grandparents again and going to my Aunt and Uncle's 100 year old party (they are both turning 50!) I am hoping that the weather will cooperate this week so that I may be able to do nothing but sunbathe on the beach. Tylösand (where my grandparents live) has one of the best beaches in Sweden. Looks like this...
There is this surrealistic island just off the coast of the beach. It looks so gorgeous and almost out of place. I love the mini lighthouse and the small very Swedish red houses with white trim. It is a rather windy stormy beach but has many sanddunes where you can take cover or hide when it gets a bit too windy of if you want a bit of privacy. We have had parties in the sanddunes with and open fire too...super fun!

puss o kram


Jamie said...

Have a wonderful time! Get a shell for me and I'll get a shell for you! Then we can exchange!

Unknown said...

Not too many shells here...they are so teeny tiny. But lots of pretty rocks. Maybe that'll do. Hope you have a wonderful time too.