Friday, August 13, 2010


Johan and I took the metro in to Stockholm City yesterday afternoon to window shop a little and get a few small things...and too just enjoy ourselves...but it was rather trying with all the crowds and long we went home early. To get away from all the shopaholic teens and tourists and hoards of other annoying peeps we hid out in R.O.O.M. (an interior design showroom) just for fun and were pleasantly surprized when we found our future dream couch! It is soooo perfect. It's exactly everything that we both want in a couch...we are both incredibly dorky, I know. (Plus I feel more and more mature and old and boring when I get so excited over things like couches...we don't even own our own home!)

Whatevs...haha. So yeah the couch! It is seriously huge and very normal looking...we don't want anything over designed that looks like you can only sit properly sipping tea...we want a super ridiculously comforable huge couch for some serious shlubbing. And this is it, Lucas. The gray color is not to my fancy but I am sure it would also come in our dream color considering it is our dream couch...but we are undecided on what that color may be. In the picture you can't tell how hugemugeous it is....but it is. When I sat back in the couch properly my legs dangled just a bit off the edge (I adore the feeling of being little again)...definitly room for 4 to sit super duper comfy....even the BF felt tiny, I nearly had to use force to tear them apart. (He's not so tiny)

Lucas we love you.

Puss o Kram


Jamie said...

I want a monster size couch too! Looks great!

e+a said...

Thats great! I love big couches you can just sink into. <3