Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Work in My Apartment

Or better OUR apartment!


I really love this one, my newest favorite! This one will do until I get the real thing, I need a KitchenAid desperatly for all the bread baking I want to do...kneading for hand is just not that fun. I think it looks just lovely hanging in our teeny tiny kitchen too.

The Chanel poster looks really amazing in the large poster size as well. I am surprized no one has ordered one yet! I think it would look amazing in a ornate gold frame hanging over a mantle piece in the chicest of lady like sophisticated apartments.

chanel poster

By our dinning table we have an enlarged graffiti photo Johan took somewhere here in Stockholm. It's gorgeous! Plus our dining room table turned out gorgeous as well after all the sanding and whitewashing and laquering we did. I love it! On the window sill I have a collection of herbs I am trying not to kill...though I definitly don't have a green thumb...but I am working on it. They have survived a month and a half with me.


and the close up...


Puss o Kram


senioritis said...

Looks great, think my favorite is the graffiti piece! Very nice job with the Kitchenaid design, it looks right at home. I also like the hanging knives ;)

Diana said...

Oh wow! I'm not a girly girl but I love your prints, especially the perfume bottles! (You should post some on my new site - it's free to list and sell with no commissions).

I've always wanted a real kitchen-aid too and I don't even bake! Good for you for kneading bread by hand!

Jamie said...

The Kitchen aid is fab! I would love a real one in lime green!

e+a said...

I love that Chanel perfume bottle!! So pretty.

Irene said...

I am here from the Eye Candies website. It is nice to see your illustrations "live"! They look great!