Monday, August 9, 2010

Mamma Mia!

We finally decided on our vacation destination...Skopelos, a greek island which seems much quieter and much less destroyed by tourism as many of the other Greek islands have been. The island is more true to traditions and has many regulations and restrictions around new building to protect it's history. It is also the island which many scenes from the musical Mamma Mia were filmed...such as that amazing chapel situated 105 carved steps up on a huge rock jutting out of the sea (can't believe it is actually real and not just made up for the movie). The landscape looks drastic and utterly gorgeous and the clearness of the water looks too good to be true. Looks like one has to be quite fit though, the entire island is built on clifs and steep slopes...there are stairs everywhere. (Gonna have to fit in a few gym visits before we go so I won't be too worn out!) We are more than excited to spend a week in paradise before the reality of Autumn sets in....summer is nearly over! Oh no!

Look how gorgeous it is!

I can't wait to share our experiences and many gorgeous photos we will be taking. Just 12 days till take off!

Puss o Kram


Cassandra Kiss said...

Looks like a lovely place for a vacation
: )

noone said...

I saw mama mia when I was in vegas and it was great! btw I came across your blog through emimonster, you draw beautiful designs! It totally caught my eye :D

Unknown said...

emimonster is a sweetheart! Only 10 more days until we go on this fabulous vacation!

Jamie said...

You get to stay there a whole week? So lucky! Where are you staying? Hotel, cottage home?