Friday, August 6, 2010

Red Roses

kristina taken by Mormor, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

My Grandmother took this wonderfully red photo of me in her garden. Aren't her roses just gorgeous?...I don't look too bad if I say so myself too, hehe. I was all dolled up for a party, and felt like a movie star.

I love how grainy and unperfect photos taken with 35mm film are...they have so much more character than perfect digital photos....though I love them as well.

Today I am at my studio again enjoying a cool seabreeze from the ocean while I work on packaging orders and dreaming up where to go on vacation, again. There are just too many options. We have vacation time again in just one week! We are thinking a last minute trip to possible Paris, or Barcelona or maybe even a gorgeous Greek island! Where should be go???

This morning I was leaning towards Paris...I have been there but Johan hasn't. But now I am thinking looks sooo dang gorgeous! Just have to find out which island is to go do a little more research!

puss o kram


Jamie said...

Greece is my hot spot I have to go to! The South of france would be amazing too! Take tons of pics!

Unknown said...

We are leaning towards Santorini! So exciting!!! Can't wait to swim in warm clear turquoise water! We will take like a million photos I am sure!