Friday, October 29, 2010

Daily Obsession...

Scandinavian Design...yes I can be very Nationalistic.

I adore many aspects of Scandinavian design, the simple lines and forms, usage of a few but not too many bright colors, no clutter, lots of light and attention to very small details....but! my goodness the spaces are always soo cold and serious. I don't want to live in a white or gray cube. It is super cold here, I want my home to be warm and tactile...lots of texture and be full of personal humorous findings projects. One thing that is rather annoying with Swedes is their need to fit into the newest trend...this of course doesn't apply to everyone...(Hello, here I am!!!) Nearly all our friends have the same sort of couch, and that same sort of dining set, the same thin curtains, and that lamp, oh and one of those sculptural thing-a-ma-gigs. But there has started a trend that I am really into...and it involves restaurants...which I of course dig. All the lastest restaurants popping up in Stockholm have been different but they share one design concept....they have abandoned the Scandinavian asthetic and have embraced kitchy, over-the-top, gaudy, chaotic, eclectic styles. It is amazing!

Le Rouge

I can't deny the beauty of these spaces though...they look great in photos. I'm killing for that pink table.

photos from Swedish

Puss o Kram

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