Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Stockholm is super gray today. Yucka!

But on a happier note I am obsessing today over Cupcakes, hehe. Who doesn't get happy with the thought of yummy sweet cupcakes? Stockholm has finally jumped on the cupcake trend and Stockholmers finally understand the cuteness and amazingness of a mini cupcake with tons of frosting and glitter and yummy flavors etc. Move over cinnamon bun!!!

I saw on Elsa's super cute blog that she had received mini cupcakes delivered to her office as a gift from Cupcake STHLM. They look too delicious! I think that is a really yummy thank you gift alternative to flowers...even though I adore getting flowers too. I want to try absolutely all of them.

I adore their Kurbits logo as Swedish and cute!


Puss o Kram

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