Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind 2, originally uploaded by Bento Barista.

This is just too pretty! I adore the tones of light turquoise and the few accents of super girly light pink shortstemmed roses. The framed black and white fashion photography on the back wall makes the room even more interesting, a bit graphic and gives the room major sophistication...keeps it from becoming too sugary sweet.

Puss o Kram


Pickle said...

Very nice! I can imagine having a meeting somewhere like this - it looks cool and modern, feminine but professional. Lovely!

Unknown said...

I imagine that it would be a rather powerful lady you would be meeting...and very important meeting. hehe

Hoola Tallulah said...

WOw this really is a super girly blog, love it! That image is divine, I could justimagine myself sitting there, writing letters to my beau and spraying myself with expensive perfurme lol

Diana Levin said...

that's beautiful!