Saturday, October 9, 2010

Green with Envy...

...for this girl's talent!

Cristina Re...dang you and your too cute for words stationary shop/high tea house/girly workshop, Where a Girl Goes.

She seems to be one of those women who does it all. Decorates, makes sweet crafts, has a huge line of products and wares, writes books and blogs, probably can cook and bake masterpieces, also holds all sorts of workshops about crafting, bridal planning, scrapbooking, and the such. Like an Aussie girlier version of Martha Stewart!

The girliness of her store just kills me and the name, Where a Girl Goes is just adorable. I am most def a bit jealous. I think my taste is getting more and more feminine. Anything super pink, with a bit of frills or flowers really gets me going. I wonder if she is Queen of the girly crafting world in Australia like Martha is in the States?

Puss o Kram

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