Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Do you like my new Emmakisstina Etsy store button? Isn't she just gorgeous? I adore her. This is a bigger sneak peek into the project I told you a smidge about before, remember. Now you see all of her...but what shall the bag say in this project of mine?...hmmm

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I am going to try and stop working now. It's hard because I find it soooo much fun. This weekend I shall be going to a Lumberjack themed housewarming party as well as taking another wonderful Autumn photo walk, but this time around our neighborhood. What are your plans?

Happy Weekend!
Puss o Kram


Jamie said...

What a fun party idea! I spent Friday painting my hallway a beautiful turquoise color. Today equals sister time! That means movies, food and shopping!

Unknown said...

It was rather fun. Some people went all out Paul Buyan style...even though Swedes don't know who that is, hehe. A turquoise hallway sounds gorgeous, I wanna see photos when it is done. Sister time! I'm jealous!