Friday, February 18, 2011

If only I was a redhead!

So glad that some people dare being this daring with hair color choices, like cute as a button Elsa. But I've decided my hair coloring days are over, so I shall just live vicariously through others. After years of testing out all shades of blond (from platinum to honey) and light brown (from brasy to caramel) I am now super satisfied by my natural dark blond color (and my hair is thankful as well, hasn't been this shiny in years!)

Color makes me so happy! It does everyone else as well, though many don't want to give in to it. What is the deal with current house trends?! Why must everything be black and white to be stylish?! Drives me crazy. Don't get me wrong, I find myself thinking it looks cool too, but I could never opt out of color for my own home. (evidence here...) Just not possible. My wardrobe too. I remember when I moved to Stockholm my new lady friends said I couldn't wear hot pink in Stockholm, I need to start buying darker colors. Poo that! Just to spite them I started my no black faze, I'm so juvenile...though I think no one noticed. (I blabbered about that nonsense here...)

Speaking of Stockholm... a while ago lovely fellow blogger Maya Beus described her native country of Croatia personified, and I kind of promised to do the same. So meet Stockholm...

Stockholm is super tall, skinny, blond and extremely stylish...but not over the top (oh no, that would be awful to stick out). Simply cut geometric modern oversized clothes made by new up and coming designers (because you are cool if you've been wearing the designer for years when they really make it big) She wears all black because in the lastest fashion magazine it stated that 'black is the new black' also because it is really cool and everyone is one the verge of becoming a rockstar. A leather jacket is a must. She wears her hair parted in the middle, cateyed lined eyes and matt red lipstick. She lives in a white walled white floored minimal apartment because the latest interior design magazine stated that 'white is the new white'. She has one poster on her wall from an art exhibit to show that she is really cutural and interesting. She has a million titles when you ask her about her occupation. She is a fashion blogger, freelance writer, works for a marketing agency, stylist assistant, DJ, and sometimes designer. She has a new collection coming out next spring and is working on her first record. She also has a flat screen tv, ipad, and the newest iphone which is permanently attached to her hand. Her schedule must be checked one million times a day so she doesn't miss all her important business meetings and is constantly blogging about her really cool rockstar outfits and posting pictures from 'last nights amazing party', and texting all her friends making perfect dinner and afterwork drink plans at the best places to see and be seen drinking champagne... Oh and the rest of Sweden thinks she's a real snob. I wonder why?

 That was getting a bit out of hand. hehe I adore Stockholm she is really pretty and down too earth too. Have you ever been to Stockholm? What was your impression?!


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Gee, this is much fun! I so so so enjoyed reading this. And you get such a great feel for it. When you catch time do an illustration too, pleaaaaseee. First am tweeting this and than starting a campaign to get other people to do the same :-)

Ally said...

That was really fantastic! Thank you! My last name is Tornroos, which is Swedish, but my family moved to Finland generations ago and some, from there, Canada. Still, I would love to come and visit both countries one day. I became more intrigued with Stockholm after the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and two following books in the series~ I'm not afraid to say how much I loved them!

Is English spoken in Sweden? If I visit one day I know I will never be able to learn Swedish.

ps- Also, thanks for the redhead post too. I'm a redhead and I feel it's widely ignored in the fashion world. Still, after a year of being a fake blonde it is so good to be back to the real me. Good for you! Rock your natural hair!

emmakisstina said...

Tornroos is a very Swedish name Ally! You should definitely visit Sweden and Finland (it is gorgeous there too) Everyone speaks English really well, so don't be scared about that. I forgot to mention in my little Stockholm rant that Stockholmers also like to mix in english sentences when they speak. Oh and people aren't as snobby as I made them out to be (it was of course stereotyped)

p.s. I look forward to the Hollywood version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo too!