Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Sexy Flirty...

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is coming up or just because people are thinking a little more flirtatiously but pretty lingerie brands are popping up everywhere. (or maybe a whole other reason, wink!) I rather like Valentine's day, the whole month of February as a matter of fact. I adore that pinks and reds and hearts and tons of flowers which decorate the store windows and advertisments. It is also my birthday month, so a bit extra special.

 I especially adore these two companys mentioned in the super sweet Frankie Newsletter I read this morning.

Lonely Hearts.

I adore all the light feminine details and the soft lighting of the photographs. So lovely!

What a sweet name and such seductivly yet sweet photos.

I want a bow on my bum too!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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