Wednesday, March 16, 2011

kitty kats...

... have the most precious paws.

This picture is purrfect (I couldn't help myself, hahaha) I wouldn't mind having a kittie friend, too bad BF is allergic. (I think he's just making that up though...)


Lisa said...

God, pooor you! I would die if I didn't have my animals. Hahaha, my hubby was like that at first, saying that he was a bit "sensitive and sniffy" around animals. But then I convinsed him to get Tor (you know Tor :-P) and after that draged him with me to the stable and now we have 2 horset too!!! Love's it! Puss o kram Lisa

emmakisstina said...

poor poor me! sad face. Home alone all day long with out a little furry friend to keep me company. (someday...) I want two small pudgy doggie twins called Bubba and Munchin, hehe

You're lucky to have Tor, he's super handsome!