Wednesday, March 16, 2011

La Paisible

Isn't this the sweetest photo you ever did see of our dearest Audrey?!

My father was recently in Switzerland and while there drove past Audrey Hepburn's old Swiss home La Paisible. I am by no means an Audrey expert so I hadn't an inkling that she had such an elegant peaceful home located in between Geneva and Lausanne... I of course imagined that she would though. So I have now enjoyed a little morning research into her life there but it has left me rather so curious, photos are difficult to find. The house seems wonderfully simple and calm as the name suggests... it would be a dream to live in a house like it someday.

"Instead of heavy duty antiques etc. Audrey’s La Paisible had the greatest assets money can buy – space, sunlight, peace of mind. Audrey decorated for herself, not for the image of world famous actress.”

I found a wonderful source if you are craving even more Audrey... here.

Isn't this header just gorgeous?

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Anonymous said...

Es simplemente maravillosa, una gran persona, por eso me gusta tanto