Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The other day, BF and I actually enjoyed lunch and a cup of coffee on our balcony in the chilly Spring sunshine for the first time. Though it is still chilly, around +7 celsius, the sunshine really helps. Can't wait until it gets even more warm and yummy so we can enjoy breakfast in the sunshine every morning. (eeew I just peeked at our thermostat it's just barely above freezing, yuck! Winter go away already!!!)

reading a wine magazine, I'm such a snob

I not only enjoyed eating lunch in the sunshine but also enjoyed packing up some wonderful orders. I really adore the process of writing addresses and customs forms, and doing a lot of taping. It is so calming. I usually take all my supplies to the post office just after picking up my prints from the print shop but today it was too nice in the sun at home to leave just yet.

how great are packing supplies?


Oh and then while at the post office, when I finally could tare myself from the warmth of our wood floor, I picked up this mysterious package... what do you think it could be?!!!

I'll show you tomorrow... yippie

Until tomorrow...

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Tereza Anton said...

We had sunshine for a few days too so I know what you mean. Beautiful blog, want to follow each other?