Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coco's Scarves

I've been coveting French Illustrator Coco's work for a while. I have seen her simple feminine pastel colored illustrations in Elle, and featured on countless blogs. Right now I am just in love with her collection of scarves, called Forget Me Not. Totally in love with all of them! So many gorgeous patterns and color combinations, so many interesting tiny details. I have been studying them all week, while dreaming about having my own scarf collection. I adore the idea of people being able to wear my art and not just hang it on the wall. A scarf is a simple first step, me thinks!

Plus this weekend I visited Stockholm's Satin/Silk museum Almgren's Sidenväveri, so I'm extra inspired to start working with textiles. I adored learning about satin's history and the history of this little Swedish satin mill, and all the work that goes into weaving thousands of teeny tiny silk threads into gorgeously intricate patterns. The 170 year old wooden manual looms are all still used by one expert silk weaver named Sonia, she weaves textiles for the Royal Castle! I would of course get my prints done digitally, since it's a digital age, and I can't really afford Sonia's prices of 2000 dollars per meter, yikes!

Back to Coco's scarves...

Aren't they fantabulous?


Unknown said...

A friend of mine named Alex of the blog Things that Sparkle, has the butterfly one framed and it's stunning! Absolutely adore these.

Unknown said...

Oh my word! I can only imagine and I am super jealous, hehe. BTW, you have a gorgeous blog, now I'm a follower, yay! xoxo