Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Important Announcement!

spring photo by me

Starting on the 1st of May my Etsy prices will no longer be listed in dollars and shall now be listed in Swedish Kronor. This is due to awful exchange rates (why must the dollar be soooo weak?). I am forced to make this change for that reason... plus it is much easier for me to calculate earning and taxes when everything is in the same currency. Less calculation, more drawing time, we like!

If you Etsy Buyers don't already know, you can customize Etsy to show prices in your currency of choice. (All the way at the bottom of the page next to language settings) Therefore my prices will fluctuate as the exchange rates fluctuate. So you may see a jump in my prices somedays and somedays not. I feel a smidge bad about this so I promise to offer more packages, deals, and giveaways... to treat you all nicely since you are all so nice to me. (gosh, cheesy)

I collect taxes only on Swedish orders, 25% sales tax. (Note: Due to how Etsy is set up, taxes are added afterward at checkout, alltså moms och frakt tillkommer i varukorgen.)

Thanks so much for listening and hopefully understanding! If you have any questions please email me!

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