Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A mini Herb Garden...

During the long weekend we also found time to plant a mini herb garden on our balcony. I really do hope that these yummy little herbs will thrive in their new home, to make all my delicious dinners even more flavorful and fresh.

I'm not known for my green thumb, so here's hoping I can learn something this Spring and Summer about taking care of plants. Herbs seem to be a great start, relatively easy and low maintenance. I have already flipped through a few gardening books and blogs to get a few tips and some wonderful inspiration. Any day now I'm going to become an official gardening nerd, hehehe. I don't feel like being made fun of for my lack of green thumbs any longer. How is one to be an expert without experience? Let's give it a go.









We also picked up one small tomato plant and one chili plant which were also supposed to be rather easy to take care of on a small balcony. I'm already excited by their progress... see I really am a gardening nerd!

Lately I've also been super addicted to Jamie Oliver's wonderful food program 'Jamie at Home'. It's shot at his country home and he cooks with ingredients grown in his huge gorgeous organic garden. So incredibly jealous of his rustic old English home and his vast lush Cook's garden, and am a little (very) in love with his soft spoken gardener Brian. His recipes and style of cooking aren't too bad either. His relaxed, sloppy, flavorful, simple, rustic meals really appeal to me.


Jamie said...

Welcome to the "garden nerd club."

I'm making an herb garden for my sis and I. I am also going to grow heirloom tomatoes this summer! I am very excited!

Unknown said...

I love being a gardening nerd. It's so perfect. take pictures!