Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I miss being a ballerina. I miss the blistered bruised toes, sore muscles, and the pressure of not quite getting it right. I also miss the feeling of beauty. There really isn't anything more beautiful than ballet dance.


Jamie said...

Have I told you I am starting a new job as a dance intructor. Yep leaving the thankless world of social work to teach the arts. It's a good job at New Tampa Community Center. I am reading up on all my ballet vocab and listening to lots of fun music to create beautiful dances to. Any recomendations?

Kris said...

I agree, ballet is perhaps the most beautiful, magical art out there :) I know how terrible it is to miss out on class or even having to stop altogether for some time... BUT there are tons of amazing ballet things online: blogs, photography etc. I can recommend:

ballerina project photography by dane shitagi(has a fb page) (ballet blog in English)

on youtube: prix de lausanne video blogs and clips by Anaheim Ballet

Ballet music by Lisa Harris & instrumental music by dane shitagi

haha I'm quite a ballet freak myself I guess it shows. Why did you stop dancing? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the links Kris. I really adore ballet and miss it a lot. I had to quit because it is just too expensive.