Monday, June 20, 2011


Surprisingly sometimes the weathermen are correct with their reports. We did have a lot of rain this weekend, and it hasn't stopped (rather cozy I say.) On Saturday we had a few hours of sunshine which I enjoyed reading on the balcony before I was again forced inside by not regular rain but a shower of gin cocktails the upstairs neighbor spilled. (The most exciting thing to happen this weekend, pathetic I know) Fortunately the heavy rains on Sunday washed away the heavy smell of Juniper berries from our balcony's wood paneled floor.

Our mini herb garden just adores the rain... isn't it pretty?


Happy Monday!


Jamie said...

Your herbs are doing so good so fast. Much better then mine. I just started a vegetable box. My dad found an old wooden box and nailed it to our fence. We filled it with soil and I am now growing cherry tomatoes and orange and green peppers.

Unknown said...

I know! they are almost growing too fast, we can't keep up! It must be all the rain. Our tomatoes and peppers are starting to get big, soo can't wait till they turn red so we can start enjoying them.