Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking over Internetland!

How many sites does one seriously need? As many as one can, I expect. I suppose I should want emmakisstina to be seen in every and all corners of internetland. (Can't hurt)

So now I've got... a portfolio website, a blog :), a Flickr account and a Flickr group, an Etsy Shop, a Facebook Fan Page, a Tumblr blog (as of yesterday), and a Pinterest account (as of today!) I think the only thing I'm missing is Twitter, but I don't see me tweeting any time soon, still don't really get it?!

It's almost comical and too much to keep track of! Good thing I spend a huge chunk of my day on the internet already, and now have plenty of things to keep me incredibly inspired, organized, and happy.

BTW, Pinterest is genius. My Inspiration folder on my desktop is overflowing with un-sited jumbled random pretty pictures (a hot mess really) and now I have a beautiful perfectly organized space in internetland to store all my favorites and future favorites. I forgot to eat breakfast this morning because I was so into pinning all sorts of gorgeous this morning, hehe.

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My new Tumblr is pretty too I promise...

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Nikki said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have an etsy shop, a design blog, a pinterest (my new fave thing ever), a klout account (which I still don't get), a facebook fan page, a twitter.... I have yet to tackle the tumblr though... Can't decide if it is worth it. Then of course there is LinkedIn, Google + (which I know nothing about) and then there is some new thing with facebook BeKnown which I don't understand either but has to do with networking. The social media is taking over the world!!

Via Los Angeles said...

Yes, I just saw that you have a Pinterest account. It's a great way to share inspiration although so many sites can be overwhelming!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh there's more! When am I going to find the time to update everything? haha

Pinterest is my new obsession!