Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sourdough Dead

Oh, lots of sour wonderfulness happening in there...

I'm in the process of making a new sourdough base. Mine unfortunately died! I did of course neglect it rather often, and didn't give it as much love as I should... but just as I was starting to get a new excitement for sourdough bread baking it up and dies. (Nasty green mold all over, eww) So unfair!

Today I get to find out if I succeeded. It should be thick like chocolate mousse with lots of tiny little bubbles showing me that it's wonderfully sour and yeasty. How very exciting! I surely hope it works. My last attempt ended in a moldy mess. Crossing my fingers!

This is what Day 1- 4 looks like, in the recipe at the bottom of the post. 

I follow the teachings and recipes of Martin Johansson, a Swedish self taught baker. His loaves always turn out perfect and are really delicious. You can really tell that he's tried, tested and perfected each recipe. I highly recommend his two books, Surdegsbröd and especially Enklare Bröd if you're like me and don't have a powerful KitchenAid mixer, or huge biceps to knead for hours. I unfortunately don't think his books have been translated into english. I'll just have to share in the future (like right now) :)

If you're curious as how to make a sourdough base, here is Martin's recipe:

You will only have to do this one in your lifetime, as long as you love and feed your new sourdough pet regularly. This will last forever ever and you can even pass it on to your grandchildren :) How fab!

Day 1 Morning:
In a sanitized (boiled) glass 0.5 liter jar mix the following:
100g lukewarm water
30g wholegrain wheat flour (preferably organic)

Cover with a layer of plastic wrap and store in a warm place. (20-25 degrees celsius)

Day 1-4:
Shake the jar morning and night... the mixture will have separated a bit.

Day 4 Morning:
Add the following to the mixture, it will now become a bit thicker.
100g lukewarm water
90g organic wheat flour

Day 4 Night:
After about 10-12 hours the mixture should now be in full swing, if it's hasn't doubled in size, allow to rise a few more hours, this way you know it's working.
If it has, pour out everything except for 50g of the mixture (seems weird, but do it!) and then add the following:
100g lukewarm water
60g organic wheat flour

*note: This is by the way what you will do every week to your sourdough to keep it alive and happy (and so it doesn't get too sour on you). Pour out until you have 50g left, then add 100g water, and 60g wheat flour.*

Day 5 Morning:
If the mixture now is thick and bubbly (has the consistency of lightly whipped chocolate mousse) then your sourdough base is complete. Now you can get to baking. Martin suggests complementing the sourdough with a little fresh yeast in baking for the first week or so, so your new sourdough friend can grow a little stronger so it will be able to stand on it's own later.

Plus you will now of course let your sourdough live in your fridge. Happy Baking!

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Sarah B said...

How interesting! I have been going to give this a try so thanks for posting the recipe :)