Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiration is Everywhere...

Today's Question: Where do you find inspiration?

As an artist I have gotten this question about a gagillion times. Inspiration is a strange thing for us creatives; we can find it in just about anything and everything. (Kind of a difficult concept to explain... like how can you be inspired by a spoon or a smudge on your skirt?) From a color combination to a pretty picture, to a styled outfit, a mistake, or a famous quote; you never know when inspiration will hit you (so it's best to have a camera or a notepad near by always... or a really great memory).

 It's almost impossible not to be inspired by all that the internet has to offer, these days. I swear the internet has just exploded, and the world just seems to be filled with insanely talented people! I read countless blogs daily on Tumblr and BlogLovin' of different categories; other artist's blogs, lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, food blogs, personal style blogs, etc so that I get inspiration from all kinds of corners of creative worlds. Also like every other woman in the world (and a few dudes of course) I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest. This amazing site keeps all my inspiration in one place and in perfect order (I'm very Swedish in this way). During my daily blog reads I collect images that I'd like to use in the future to inspire drawings, or a color combination I like, something I'd like to cook, or a dream of how I'd like to decorate my future home. (You need inspiration for all parts of your life.)

If I'm feeling a bit uninspired I have tons and tons of saved/liked photos on all of my social media sites to plow through until I find something that sparks an idea. Works like a charm!

More often than not though, instead of a lack of inspiration I can get overwhelmed by all the images, colors and ideas that I subject myself to everyday in internetland. (I get completely paralyzed in front of my to do list and computer screen, it feels like my head is going to explode and I just can't concentrate on any and all of my projects... or even fun stuff like working on my blog or a new drawing.) The only cure for this is just to step away from the computer or drawing table for a bit; bake cupcakes or take a walk.

p.s. I'm so pleased with the great response I've received for this new column. Really does make me super happy and excited to post more in the future.


stephanieporzio said...

I have just recently started following your blog. I am student at Parsons in NYC and dream someday of living off of my art and design work.
Your advice postings totally give me the confidence to get started!
Thank you so much!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Stephanie! I love being able to share my experiences... and that you appreciate it so much.
I think it's very much possible to live off of one's work (just takes time and a lot of effort), I wish society (and our parents) would quit telling us otherwise. xoxo