Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have a confession to make! I can't stand Arm Candy! 

I know, it's all the rage, a trend, super popular, everyone loves stacks and stacks of bracelets... but I don't. I of course think bracelets are gorgeous and find myself buying a few or coveting them all the time... but I hate wearing them. They jingle, scrape against your desk and one has to constantly shake them off your wrist. Also I have rather skinny wrists and most bracelets, watches and cuffs are just too huge on me. How do all these bloggers type with a million bracelets on their arms? I can't concentrate or work with bracelets or even rings on my fingers... no long sleeves either (got to roll them up). It's a bit ridiculous... and hilarious.

But you all go ahead and enjoy arms full of jingling, glittering bracelets, watches and cuffs with out me.

Images via Pinterest here, herehere, here, and here.

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The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Oh, I know the feeling!!! Long sleeves and bangles are no go for me. Rings I can tolerate if they are small. And usually, I even forget to wear a watch which is not quite handy when I also have a tendency to forget my phone..
But yes, in pictures it looks very pretty with arm candy :)