Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1950s Patterns

I think I'd be comfortable in saying that I hate these sorts of colors. Dirty greens and mustard yellows (eww)... but somehow combined with other colors and gorgeous line work they actually really appeal to me. Maybe it's just the really gorgeous patterns and their graphic quality that appeals to me. (Who knows!) Anyhow, I love these hand drawn patterns from the 1950s. Unfortunately they are by unknown German artists (bummer) so we can't give them cred or explore their portfolios further, but we sure can use them as major inspiration. I know I will!

Just added them to my ever expanding Pattern Love folder on Pinterest. I think it's my most heavily stocked folder... I just love love love patterns.

Haven't gotten around to making more of my own patterns as of late. (So many other commissioned projects to work on.) But I hope to soon. In the mean time I'll continue to collect inspiration.

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