Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pens Pens Pens

Lets talk pens today.

I've tried and tested what seems to be a gagillion black thin liner pens. All sorts, in all price classes.... and I still haven't found my pen. Where are you dream pen!?!

The problem I have with most pens is that the tip becomes deformed or unusable way before the ink runs out. Such a bummer to waste all that great ink because the tip is destroyed. Boo hoo! Another problem I have is the pen doesn't make a perfect crisp line. What the flip!

So my question is, what ever shall I do? Just come to the realisation that there is no perfect pen, and lots of use will damage the tip or increase my pen budget and just buy new ones all the time?

Anyone have any recommendations? Are super de duper professional pens out there that I haven't discovered? Please do tell. :)


Caitlin Quinn Stroud (sometimes I go by Lina)... said...

hmmm... I've had the most luck with Micron and Stabilo: http://www.stabilo.com/pages-uk/products/point-88/ but the quest is never ending- you speak the truth!

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Microns die on me the fastest. I think I'm most happy with a pen from Pentel, called Stylo. It's almost perfect. Maybe there is no such thing though.

Caitlin Quinn Stroud (sometimes I go by Lina)... said...

Ah, hadn't heard tell of the Pentel Stylo- will have to give it a try, thanks :)

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Its kind of got a supported tip that I like, but it's not perfect either, kind of splatters the paper sometimes. Which I then have to go into photoshop and erase. boo