Monday, December 3, 2012

Pouf Mag Issue 2!

Have you read the second issue of Pouf Magazine yet? If not you should grab a hot cup of tea and sit down for a nice look through right away. The issue is uber glamorous and has made me super excited for this Holiday season! The photos are just stunning and I think the design is so sexy (graphic design can be sexy right?) Also this issue is a little extra special because not only were a few of my illustrations featured but my boyfriend made his writing debut in the form of a very informative Champagne guide (make sure not to miss it on page 106!)

Let's take a peek...

Pretty gorgeous, am I right?


Beth said...

Congrats!! I love it!! I didn't know your boyfriend was a writer!

Unknown said...

Thanks Beth! Well the boyfriend's not really a writer, but he certainly is a wine expert! Great that he can share all his wisdom :)