Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 48

images via Instagram (emmakisstina)
Week 48! woo hoo!

Quite the eventful week, a lot more action than my usual quiet weeks of being at home working by myself. It was a welcomed change!

• The week started off with romance as it was Johan and my 4th anniversary. We celebrated with a fancy breakfast at Grand Hotel, and a free day full of relaxing and little work. Time surely has flown by since that cold November day 4 years ago when I met the boy of my dreams outside of the Royal Castle.

• Got a little work in, but I didn't have many projects to work on. Did you see the gorgeous second illustration in my new blog series featuring the super cute Lauren of LA in the Bay? Pretty excited about it, plus I've lined up more great girls to feature.

• I also went to 2 more days of courses held by my Artist's society. One about writing contracts (very important, I now know how to properly protect my work) and another about how to provide great quality printing material (also very eye opening, I haven't known much about what file formats, and color profiles etc to use, now I do... sort of.) I've loved meeting other illustrators and designers and sharing our different experiences working in our special field.

• Then all of a sudden it became Winter this week. Stockholm is covered in a thick white blanket of snow. I hope it's here to stay all Winter long, it's just so super dee duper gorgeous, and lightens up dark days. I'm also really excited about all the Christmas and Advent lights popping up every where!

• And the week ended with a lovely bang with a mini vernissage at WOS accessoarer, an accessories store here in Stockholm. I hung up a selection of my prints in their great store and spent the afternoon meeting friends and customers at their Christmas party on Saturday. So fun having my works out in the public rather than just in internet land. (Welcomed change as well!) If you're visiting Stockholm, you can go check them out on Hornsgatan 98.

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