Thursday, January 3, 2013

Office Supplies

please excuse the horrifically pencil smudged desk surface...
the packaging the packaging!
I die for the little details too, like the viewfinder in the highlighter, so you can see where a word/sentence ends. No more over highlighting ever again!
For Christmas I bought my sister a case full of Muji goodness (since she's going back to school, go Iggi!) Now I'm uber jealous that I didn't get myself anything, because Muji seriously rules! I have several of their candy colored gel pens, they work until they are done with ink, which I love. No drying out or getting gunky... plus their design is just so minimal chic. I'm especially craving one of those nice list pads, so I can easily check off all my resolutions/hopes/dreams this year. (woot 2013!) Also, how genius is that highlighter?

p.s. I seriously need to scrub down (resurface/paint) my desk. How embarrassing!

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

i LOVE muji! they have some my favorite pens and lucite desk storage!