Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

How's abouts a love story? It is Valentine's Day and all!

 I met my hunky blonde Swede online, on a Swedish dating site, about 8 months after I had moved to Stockholm. A few months previously I had met a group of girls that welcomed me into their group who made me feel at home in Sweden. We were a nice bunch of single girls enjoying the single life... but what better way to feel even more at home than with a nice boyfriend. It's always better when you're two. So a few of us, me included, signed up on a pretty casual dating site (not or anything serious like that.) We didn't expect to meet Mr. Right, just Mr. Right Now, and that would be fine. I went on 5 very unsuccessful (dare I say extremely awkward, and boring) dates before deciding to meet one last sixth guy, Johan. Gosh am I glad I did!!!

Before we met IRL we chatted online for a few weeks. He seemed like a really great guy, but so did the other 5 and they were a major disappointment (just no chemistry). I didn't get my hopes up too much, but it was hard, I still got major butterflies every time I saw a new message from him in my Inbox. Johan decided the where and when. Slottskajen (the Royal Castle pier) at 1pm, November 26th, 2008.

Silly dude didn't know his Stockholm landmarks. I stood by Slottskajan and Johan stood on Slottsbron (on the bridge.) Fortunately they are connected so we realised rather quickly that neither of us was late (or didn't show, eek). When we finally met something just clicked, can I be cliché and say it was Love at First Sight. It was, and the rest is history. We had lunch, then walked around Stockholm for hours and hours chatting about anything and everything... and it felt as though we had always been together.

I loved that Johan was so secure with himself, and our first few dates were never awkward. I've always just felt really comfortable in his presence. Every one has a list with attributes one wishes their dream boy would have, I never imagined Johan would check every box. I'm such a lucky girl!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a gorgeous day with your one and only, your family or friends.

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