Wednesday, February 13, 2013

T.M. Stock

Hello Wednesday!

I think it's about time I show off these gorgeous vectorised panels I created for NYC gentleman's tie company T.M. Stock. If you were wondering what that huge project I was working on all December, this is it!

These illustrations (which were then blown up and printed huge at 119"x97") were so much fun to work on though they were of course very very time consuming. I actually really enjoy the process of building images in Illustrator, though my hand at the time felt as though it may fall off. It may take 10x longer, but I feel like I'm really building something (not just scribbling on paper... though fun as well). Gathering inspiration for the interiors and small details was very enjoyable too. Working for a menswear company was also a welcomed change from my usual girly clients. Great to work on something very classic and a bit more manly. Thank goodness they are fans of pink though ;)

I worked on another amazing project with them, but I'll keep that secret from just a while longer.


The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Those illustrations look amazing. Well done!
I really think your style match masculine vibes very well because it is so unexpected in a way. Can't wait to see the other projects you are working on with them :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! Preppy is pretty metero, so I think it fits my style rather nicely too.

Can't wait to show them off too! so exciting! xo

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

How fabulous! You are quite a talented lady for sure!

Unknown said...

Thank you oh so very much Rosemary!