Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our New Apartment

This weekend we had the chance to take a look at our new apartment a second time. This time when we knew it was ours we tried to make sure to pay attention to everything, and not miss anything. But it's difficult, when you're just so excited to move in.

We did take lots of measurements of all the rooms, and have been planning, measuring, and testing out floor plan options with simple sketches ever since. So that's fun! But it's hard to plan things in your head, or just with a floor plan. You kind of just need to move in all your stuff and move it around until it looks perfect. We took a few photos to remember a few details too, but didn't have the time to take any proper before pictures. (We'll have to do that on move in day when the current owner has removed all of his things.)

Here are a few peeks though...

Ta da! Here it is in all it's cream white snowy glory, viewed from the back yard. (The one in the middle) I'm in love with the extra large living room window, and can only imagine how sunny and bright the living room will be. Gorgeous! Plus the balcony has sun all day, our herbs and plants are going to love living here. It's located in such a lovely area too. Seems so quiet and cute. There were also lots of bunny tracks in the snow. Can't wait to see lots of bunnies hopping about here. Too cute!

Oh the gorgeously polished herringbone wooden floors in the living room! Sigh, so beautiful! The wooden floors in the bedrooms are really nice too.

And I actually really love the delicate wallpaper in the bedroom. So simple and pretty. I think it's going to look wonderfully romantic with our white curtains and sheets.

Just 3 more months!


J {*sparklingly} said...

So crazy exciting and WHOA gorgeous floors!

What a nicely-timed birthday present. :)


PS. Happy belated birthday!

Unknown said...

I know! sooooo exciting!