Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music or TV?

Thought I'd answer a slightly more fun question this week about freelancing. Spending long days at home working by ones self can get a little quiet, so do I listen to music or watch tv when I work?

Though I sometimes quite like to work in complete silence, I really really enjoy working to my favorite tv series. I don't actually watch traditional television (channel changing and advertisements would be very distracting, plus we don't have cable), I like to download whole series and watch them directly from my computer screen one after the other. Some days I can watch an entire series, and I actually think the structure helps me get lots of work done. Most shows are about 45 minutes long, which allows me to stay focused and in front of my computer so that I can finish drawings, digitally color them or write a blog post or two. When a show is finished I can take a mini break, and then work for another 45 mins or so, and not get tired of working. I don't really get distracted most days by the shows (some days I'm just distracted no matter what I do). I have no problem also with mainly just listening to the shows, and don't have to follow every second. It's just nice to have noise in the background while working.

On the other hand I find music really really distracting. Constantly having to switch songs ever 3 minutes or so, or getting the urge to dance, hehe, is very annoying.

My favorite shows to watch are Crime shows or Food/Travel programs (not gonna lie, my guilty pleasure is dramatic High School Shows too).
I love:

• Criminal Minds
• Bones
• Body of Proof
• Castle

• Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations
• Mind of a Chef
• Jamie Oliver
• Nigella Lawson
• A Little Paris Kitchen

and my guilty pleasures...

• Gossip Girl
• Pretty Little Liars
• The Carrie Diaries
• 90210

Recently I've also become pretty obsessed with YouTube. I'm loving Jamie's new FoodTube, and I can watch Beauty Guru's channels for hours; I especially adore all the great British girls.

Do you watch tv or listen to music when you work? What do you like to watch?

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