Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm so excited that my countdown until moving to our new apartment is today down to 30 days! Yay! I seriously can't wait to set up my new workspace (and the rest of the apartment of course) and 30 days is just going to fly by so quickly. We haven't packed anything, nor have we purchased anything new for the apartment just yet, but we've been doing tons of window shopping for possible items we may need for the bigger space. We've also been collecting a few hand-me-down furniture pieces from family members to help us fill our 69 m2 space. (Our current apartment is just 46.5 m2.)

I can't quite decide on how I'd like my new studio to look. There are just too many possibilities and one can't really plan until actually in the space to move things around. But I must confess I've been really dorky and have played around with a digital floor plan in Photoshop, hehe. I think I'll just let it organically come together. Can't wait!!!

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