Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blogger WIMB: Sandra of Blasfemmes

Yay! It's Wednesday! One of my favorite days because I have another gorgeous Blogger What's in my Bag collaboration to show off.

This week I illustrated Portuguese Fashion blogger Sandra of Blasfemmes favorite bag items. It's a creamy blush dream! I love working with soft pretty feminine colors as these. (I think you already knew that.)

Sandra has the most gorgeous blog, and has even featured a few of my illustrations in her home. If you've missed the feature you can see it here... Plus she's got just really amazing style.

To see the rest of the illustrations in this series you can visit my Pinterest board here...
And if you'd like one for yourself you can visit my Etsy shop here...

p.s. Thanks again for all the great emails since my call to bloggers. I now have bloggers to feature all next year. Yay! If you've emailed me, I'll get back to you real real soon!


Julia said...

Fantastic blog and illustrations! ♥

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Juliet!