Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Favorites

September is here, yay! One of my absolute favorites if not my favorite month of the year. Sweden did it's usual thing and switched on the Autumn coziness right away. This happens every year. Exactly the first day of September a real crisp breeze rolls in, leaves instantly start turning a bit yellow and start to fall. I actually really really love Fall, but before we get all obsessed over pumpkins and wooly socks I thought we'd chat a little about August.

Here are a few of my favorite things for the month of August:

My Nook Monster Cozy
Since we moved a little farther outside of the city and I spent a lot of my time waiting on buses I love having a book on hand. My Nook may be one of my best purchases ever. I love how light it is, and I fly through books which I conveniently download from the Stockholm City Library, because it's just so easy. My actual Nook is all fine and good but I'm just obsessed with my super cute felted monster case. It makes me giggle every time I take it out of my purse. Got it on Etsy!

Facial Oils
Remember those days (High School) when the thought of putting oil on your face seemed completely foreign? Horrifiying actually. But now it's all the rage and I swear oils are the reason my skin is looking seriously glowing, gorgeous, and perfect lately. They have calmed my skin's oiliness (seems like an oxymoron), really deep cleaned without drying, and breakouts have been banished. I'm love love loving this organic orange oil cleanser from Burt's Bees. It smells amazing, there aren't any questionable ingredients, and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh. I would also highly recommend this facial rose hip oil by Trilogy. I apply a few drops to my face and neck every evening (I go to bed a little shiny) but wake up with the most supple gorgeous glow. Love them!

Lime Crime Lipsticks
This month I was a bit naughty and bought quite a lot of new make up (deserves it's own post probably) but these are my new favorite lipsticks I added to my collection. Not only do they have the cutest packaging I've ever seen in my entire life (shiny purple with hologram unicorns, what!) but they also are really shiny, pigmented, and they've got the coolest colors. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to lip color often sporting hot magentas and reds but I actually chose some of Lime Crime's 'normal' colors. A super red red called Retrofuturist and a dark purple called Poisonberry. I love them both but especially the purple because it's so different.

Game of Thrones
Nerd Alert! I've been bitten by the Game of Thrones bug for real this time. The boyfriend and I have been following the series since it premiered and the boyfriend already read all of the books all in one go years ago but I haven't really been as into it until now. I read the first book right after seeing the first season but had a really hard time keeping up. There are just soooooo many characters to keep track of. But now after seeing 3 seasons and reading the first three books (almost done with the third book) I feel like I finally know who everyone is, and can't put it down. They are just so well written, brutal, and exciting.

Rice Cakes
Random favorite I know. I just rediscovered how yummy rice cakes are. I don't even really know what inspired me to buy some. (I just got done with a workout, went grocery shopping, and was super hungry.) Honey flavored and almost a delicious as a real cookie.

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