Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Studio Tour!!!

This Week's Question: Where do you work?

I think it's about time we take a closer look at my new work space. My studio, my office, and my girl cave. This is where I spend a ridiculous amount of my time and I really love it!

In my studio I have plenty of space to create and I have tons of storage, which is soooo great. I love having two desks so that I can have one for my computer and one free for drawing (aka. storing lots of piles of crap which were removed before the photo. haha) I've got a huge gorgeous window over looking a maple tree which lets in tons of great day light which is perfect for drawing... and daydreaming.

I'm also loving having space to display all my girly stuff since this is my room (no boys allowed). I have my shelves full of my makeup, shoes, and girly art, plus I've got a great cork board for inspiration. I adore having everything so close at hand, and it looks pretty too.

Well, hope you enjoyed seeing a closer look at my room... I certainly enjoy it.

p.s. Yes that is newborn Kristina.


Sarah said...

So glad we get to see your work space! Love it!

J {*sparklingly} said...

Wow, lucky you to have your own girly space! It's just lovely!

Unknown said...

So glad to share it! Thanks so much ladies. xo

White Bazaar said...

I love your work space, so much space to work, love all your storage and the tins for storing pens,brushes! Mine is still work in progress x