Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stockholm Love

It's Wednesday, yay!

I'm doing something rather exciting today. Two girlies from Germany are coming to do a video profile about yours truly (crazy right?!) I get to show them my favorite parts of Stockholm and give them an insider's look into EmmaKisstina. I'm pretty flattered someone would like to interview me let alone film me. The thought of being in front of a film camera kind of scares me a little though. (It's good to go outside of your comfort zone every once and a while, right?)

Showing off Stockholm is definitely one of my favorite things to do ever. I love this city soooo soooo sooo very much and it's just so fun to be a tour guide for my friends or even people I don't know. A big plus is that I usually discover something new too!

Unfortunately Stockholm's gorgeous summer weather seems to finally have passed. The temperatures took a major dive towards the cool side, and rain seems to be a part of the forecast for a while. Thankfully Stockholm still looks rather stylish, gorgeous and even more moody in the rain. I think we'll make do.


Lynn said...

I'd love to see the video. Hope it's on YT. Happy Autumn to you <333

Unknown said...

I'll make sure to share it as soon as it's made available :)