Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to our Living room!

Hi Wednesday!

Though it's not blogger What's in my Bag week (gonna have to wait until next week) I thought I'd share something equally fun... a peek at our living room!

Since moving in this Summer we've been slowly putting together a larger gallery wall of art. We had quite a few photos and prints from our last apartment but we have added a few new ones to fill up our larger wall space. I think it's really coming together. Don't you?

The artworks are a mix of my work (The Girl with the Nose Pearl Earring, Chanel N°5, the fish and a few others), boyfriends photos, a few of my favorite artists (such as Betsy Walton), and a few thrift store revamps (the painting with the green stripe, and the Pantone print.) They are all framed in different shaped, colored, and sized frames from IKEA, local framing stores, and thrift shops. 

I really love the idea of the gallery wall as you can constantly add and take away from it as you get tired of pieces, buy new ones or just keep building until your wall is completely covered. Plus you don't have to worry about hanging frames perfectly or having to buy perfectly matching artworks. It almost looks better when there is no real rhyme or reason.

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Almalu's Place said...

we have the same coffee table!!
I love it!