Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Darkness

Hello Thursday, and Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again when the days get really short, and you feel a tad bit down, and it just gets darker and darker and darker in Sweden. (Uplifting, I know.) We turned back the clocks this past weekend, and we were instantly hit with a 4PM sunset (rainy bad weather didn't help the situation one bit either). Even though you try to be prepared the darkness always hits me at first pretty hard. It's just so sad and boring. 

But after a few days I already get used to it, and almost (almost) enjoy the darkness. It's really cozy if you make it that way. I've been looking at all my cookbooks which feature warm rustic soups, stews, and filling dinners, and I've been dreaming a planning lots of yummy warm meals to be enjoyed this season. I've been lighting lots of candles too, especially long stemmed tapers at dinner time. I've also increased my reading time, and cups of tea per day which make for lots of extra coziness. So it's not so bad.

November may not be the most exciting month of the year weather wise, but it certainly is going to be a fun special month anyhow. The boyfriend and I are going to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this month at a fancy French restaurant here in Stockholm. Actually the same place we met for our first date. (Romantic huh?!)

p.s. I don't really like Halloween that much. Don't tell.

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