Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hello Saturday!

5 Wonderfully Amazing Things Right now:

• Since Wednesday I've spend the past few days with my Grandparents in Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden. We've enjoyed celebrating Christmas a little early as I'll be in Stockholm for the actual holiday. I've helped to dress their Christmas tree, been completely spoiled with small gifts, lots and lots of great food and possibly consumed my own weight in chocolate and sweets. (As one should at your Grandparent's house!)

• At the beginning of the week I had a great short interview with Swedish Magazine Driva Eget (about running your own business.) The article is now live and you can read my tips for selling on Etsy (in Swedish here...)

• I ordered new scarfs to be produced about 2 months ago. They took much longer than expected but I think they are soon on their way, hopefully I'll have them in shop again early next week. Still have a handful from my first collection on sale in my Etsy shop now.

• Next week I'll be meeting the Etsy Stockholm team again as well as a few other PR people and Etsy staff for an Etsy event called Home for the Holidays. It's always so much fun to meet others who do the same thing so we can talk about our shops, trade tips, and just chat.

• I'm so glad that Christmas shopping has picked up just a little in my shop and I have quite a few packages to prepare this weekend to ship on Monday. (The deadline for Christmas packages outside of Europe is now closed though.)

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