Friday, May 23, 2014

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Hello Friday!

A new online shop with a clever spin just opened in internetland today called matches Makers (like me) with Tastemakers (bloggers) who curate shops with their great taste and our unique items. A few of my items are popping up in Tastemaker's stores already, neat huh?! The site is totally new and there are many little ticks and small details that still need to be worked out (such as the site is kind of hard to navigate and search, as well as being incredibly slow.) But it seems to have really amazing potential! Since signing up and added my items to my very own shop I've been really excited to see how this will all work out. Really excited to see which bloggers will chose my items for their shops, and relieved to get a little marketing help of my items. Yay!

I really love the concept of having bloggers help us artists out with the marketing (which is of course my personal least favorite part of my job) plus they get a piece of the pie for all their promoting and great curating skills and efforts. (Totally fine with me!) At the moment I only have my silk scarves, pocket squares and wall decals available. I plan on adding my makeup bags as soon as they are out of production in the next week or so. (gah! excited x a gagillion!)

I also love the idea of making exclusive items with specific bloggers, so hopefully I'll start some collaborations soon. I think it would be really neat to make collaborative poster prints with like minded girly bloggers (never done that before!)

In other news, Sweden is gorgeous right now. It is so horrible sitting in front of my computer screen knowing how gorgeously pleasant it is outside. Lilacs have started to bloom as well, so the scent in my neighborhood is just amazing. I think I'm going to have to take a little popsicle break and spend the majority of the weekend out in the sunshine.

Have a great weekend!

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