Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogger What's in my Bag: Tianna of Big City Tyro

Hello Wednesday!

It's blogger What's in my Bag day, yippy!

I've been wanting it to be Tia's turn for a while now since she seems like such a sweetheart. Her blog Big City Tyro follows her transition from South Florida girl to Boston University student (nearly the opposite from my transition from New England to South Florida, fun!) I've never drawn a snow globe before so that was a really fun detail, and those polka dot heels are so great!

I've had the pleasure of featuring so many amazing ladies. To see all of the Blogger collaboration illustrations I've created you can view my Blogger What's in my bag Pinterest board here...

And if you are interested in commissioning one for yourself or a friend you can purchase my custom What's in my bag listing in my Etsy shop here...

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