Friday, June 20, 2014

Glad Midsommar!

Hello Friday!

In honor of today's huge Swedish Midsommar celebration I created this illustration. We've got all the Midsommar essentials here: The Swedish Flag, a Midsummer wreath, Pickled Herring, New Potatoes, and of course Aquavit! All that is missing are the silly snaps songs you sing with dinner. The boyfriend and I are celebrating out in the country with family where we hope for a day of sunshine.

Hope you all have a gorgeous Midsommar!


Unknown said...

I read this amazing article on your holiday in Saveur magazine this month and I LOVE everything about it! I wish we had that in the US although I suppose it's similar to the 4th of July in a way!

Unknown said...

It's actually really quite fun! You'll have to visit Sweden around this time one day.