Monday, June 23, 2014

How I celebrated Swedish Midsummer

Hello Monday!

Swedish Midsommar was this weekend, and it was nice. I would say we took it pretty easy, actually, Midsommar the lite version. No major drinking and dancing into the wee hours of the night (as we've done years before.) Even though we may not have had the most gorgeous sunny warm summer weather (it was freezing!) we spent the majority of the weekend outside. At least it didn't rain! 

Although we skipped out on a few traditions this year (we didn't dress the May Pole, or do any dancing) we of course didn't skip the snaps and the herring. We enjoyed a nice Midsommar lunch with Johan's family and met up with friends on the following day. All in all a nice holiday weekend. I got to see swan babies too!

p.s. This picture was shot at Midnight. Around Midsummer the days are at their longest and this is as dark as it gets. The sun never really completely sets, just stays just past the horizon line, until the sun starts to rise again around 3am.

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