Friday, August 15, 2014


Hello Friday!

Yesterday I attended Formex, Scandinavia's biggest trade show for design, here in Stockholm. Formex is huge! There are so many amazingly talented designers and brands from all nordic countries and from every side of design shown here. Everything from fellow illustrator's work, to textile companies and interior design firms. I haven't gained the courage to set up my own booth here just yet but I'm working towards possibly showing all of my designs at the next one. Crossing my fingers!

My favorite part of visiting the fair is of course to see what other illustrators are up too. I love being inspired by other illustrator's different techniques, and the products they decide to produce. This year's Fall Formex fair gave me soooo much inspiration my head may explode! Pastels were all over the place, as well as many gorgeous graphic prints. Here's a peek at some of the amazing booths I was especially in love with.

Lisa Edoff. A friend of mine who designs gorgeous trays, cushions, and silk scarves.

OYOY Living Design. Super cute and quirky pillows and the such. 

Edit och Björnen. Wallpaper and prints inspired by nature. A two illustrator team, they work on each design together.

 Littlephant. I absolutely adore Littlephant and every single product they produce. So many gorgeous prints, pillows, handbags, books, mugs and tea towels. The cuteness kills me!

Michelle Carlslund. Illustrator who creates super fun quirky mixed media prints in several sizes. They are also printed on something I've never heard of called stone paper (as the name suggests, made from limestone plus a special binder and is totally green and sustainable. Neato!)

What on earth am I going to do with all this inspiration and all my new ideas? I hope I think of something soon and get to work on lots of new products so I'll be able to show them off at the next Formex in January. Got to get to work! Have a great weekend.


Candy Pop said...

Wonderful, I'd love to go!

Unknown said...

It's pretty amazing to see so many talented designers and all their fantastic design work in one place!