Monday, September 8, 2014

EmmaKisstina YouTube Channel

Hello Monday!

I have something rather exciting and fun to share with you today. I also feel a little bit scared to show this off as well, not because I'm embarrassed but because this is the most personal I've ever gotten with my brand. As EmmaKisstina is growing I'd like to grow too and keep up with popular trends. (That's a big part of my job!) I've noticed the move towards more and more videos on blogs and websites and I'd really like EmmaKisstina to be a part of the video community too. So therefore I've created an EmmaKisstina YouTube Channel! Video is a little out of my comfort zone since I'm not the greatest speaker but it's a good way to work on that and I'm also finding it really fun to play with a new medium. (At least so far!)

It would have been amazing if I could have right from the bat published gorgeously professional videos but at the moment I don't have an amazing filming set up (just using my cell phone and natural lighting) and I'm just learning how to use iMovie. This is definitely a work in process but I don't think my first films are that horrible though. Be nice :)

I plan on adding only one or two new short videos to my YouTube channel every month, not going to go crazy, and I have absolutely no aspirations of becoming a famous YouTuber don't worry. I'll be sharing typical YouTube tag videos mixed with videos showing off my EmmaKisstina products, and my drawing process. (Feel free to make any requests too.)

I really hope this will be a fun new way for you to learn more about me and my growing brand!

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