Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone Case Designs

Hello Monday!

I have something rather exciting to show off today, iPhone cases! But wait! Don't get too excited yet...

I've been in the process of designing phone cases for a while now as well as looking for manufacturers to have them printed. Last week I ordered some samples and they arrived today! I used a manufacturer that a fellow illustrator recommended, but was really surprised and disappointed by the poor quality of the printing and the case. Sad! Now I have to find somewhere else to print my cases. Ughh.

I am rather pleased by how my designs turned out though. I think they are really cute! So even though these won't make it into shop for another few weeks until I find another place to get them printed I still wanted to show them off. What do you think? You like?

I tested printing for iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Hooray! I'm so sad that these didn't work out :( I really like the idea of a clear edge so you can still see the pretty gold details of the iPhone 5S etc. Also I would have been able to offer all sorts of designs for lots of different phones. But they just look and feel cheap.

These photos don't actually really capture how weird the texture is on the front, or how poor the quality of the printing is. The photos also of course can't show how bad they stink. These cases reek of paint chemicals. Ewww!

I really hope I can find a great manufacturer soon. Wish me luck!

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