Friday, September 26, 2014

Studio Tour Video!

Hello Friday!

You always seem to like it when I show off my space on Instagram and Facebook so today I thought I'd show you a closer look at my studio in video format. Fun! This is where I spend the majority of my day sitting in that chair staring into my computer screen or white pieces of paper. I also use this room as a kind of vanity. This is where I put on my face for the day or curl my hair as well. It's a real girl cave. The space is small, but completely perfect for me.

Gah, it kills me a little that I don't have better lighting in my room, the tree outside my window makes for a pleasant coziness but not amazing lighting. So some of the scenes are a little too dark. I need to invest in some better studio lighting, primarily for when I take product photos, especially since Winter is coming. Soon I'll only have a couple of daylight hours to get photos and videos filmed. Sigh.

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