Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#GSD for Formex

Hello Wednesday and my slightly neglected blog!

I finally got up the guts to apply to my first ever Formex trade show. Hooray! (This is what all of my extra time is going towards... hence the sparse blogging.) I've said before that I've thought of applying but I've always delayed it to next year, and then next time because it's quite expensive plus I never thought I had enough to show. But I finally feel like my brand is ready and I'm ready to take EmmaKisstina to the next level. Ewww! that was so dorky! But it's true! Formex is just the push that I need to plan new projects and get shit done quickly. 

Formex if you didn't know already is Scandinavia's largest trade show for showcasing design and new designers. It's seriously huge, and it could possibly propel my business into even more success. (That's what I'm hoping for at least!) I've applied for a spot this coming January in the Young Designers category, which is usually coveted by journalists and other media. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. (Please be me, please be me.) Though there are still quite a few months left I feel slightly stressed. I'd really like to present myself and my brand in the best way that I can (no half assing) and definitely don't want to do anything last minute. I hate stress!

So I've been writing about a billion to do lists, been contacting lots of new manufacturers, drawing tons of new designs, and planned like a crazy lady. I'm just so very excited! Not only do I have to manufacture a few new products and samples I also have to plan how I'd like my booth to look. That may seem like a small detail, but I think the way that I present my brand is key. I just want everything to scream EmmaKisstina, I want everything to be Instagram worthy, and I of course want my designs and booth to stand out from the rest.

For the next few months my blogging may still be erratic, just know that I'm working on tons and tons of amazing new things. Gah! So so so very excited!


Toni V. said...

Congrats on the big decision! You're going to be a raving success!

Unknown said...

Oh thanks so very much! I really do hope so :)